During my time as a fashion blogger, I have learnt everything there is to learn about guest post outreach. I have even invented my very own strategy which works real miracles.

With this service (Squid), I will use my very own strategy for the guest post outreach which is as follows:

I will need a list of about 10 websites from your niche (these should be authority sites with a lot of traffic). For example, if you are in the fashion niche, I would need websites such as cosmopolitan.com, vogue.com, vanityfair.com and so on.

I will then extract all the organic keywords and referring backlink domains from these sites

I will then use a custom built contact form submitter to 1) scrape for niche related sites using organic keywords from the above sites and contact all the referring domain sites. This way, we can be sure that we will be contacting relevant sites. Of course, some not so relevant sites may slip through the net but that is not a problem.

Inside the message, I will need to have your custom text. You can create your articles for guest posting and upload them onto Google drive and simply include a download link in the email. Alternatively, you could just send the proposal and correspond with the relevant sites directly. Both approaches work well but given that I will be contacting thousands upon thousands of websites, including a download link to your articles in the body of the message may seem like an easier option. I will also need you to send me / create an email addresses exclusively for this guest post outreach as you do not want for your main inbox to be bombarded with auto responses.

Overall, this strategy has worked very well for me over the year. It is affordable and plug and play. The success rate will largely depend on your message but I have gotten a good publication rate with this approach as website owners are constantly looking for new content for their blogs.

As you can appreciate, I cannot guarantee the actual success rate, but I can guarantee the sending of your message to most niche related websites.

Essentially, marketing and seo agencies charge an “arm and a leg” for this type of service. They can even charge you hundreds of dollars per backlink.

I work with all niches.

Please send me around 10 authority websites from your niche, your message, your name, company information, email address for all auto responses (you can create another email account for this outreach campaign such as media@yourcompany.com). Once I start the campaign, you will be getting auto responses and responses from webmasters to your inbox.