Would you like to build up a list of B2B emails for your marketing? This is where I can help you. Using my state-of-the-art email scraper, I can scrape all major search engines for emails from your niche.

All I will need from you is a list of keywords (about 100) to scrape.

My email scraper has an advanced function where I can add a list of keywords that each email should contains. Therefore, if you would like to have clean and 100% relevant emails, please send me a list of all potential words that your email should contain. For example, if I am scraping for all crypto currency emails, I would include filters such as crypto, currency, pay, cash, coin, wallet, exchange and a list of all cryptocurrency coins. You get the idea. This way, only emails containing these filter keywords will be extracted.

The number of emails that will be scraped depend on how many results your keywords will produce.

Overall, email scraping is a great way of generating B2B leads.

Going a step further, if you are in the EU and are worried about the GDPR, I could only extract emails that match the domain name. This way, we will filter out all the private emails such as gmail. yahoo, icloud and so on.

As an extra service, I can even verify your emails using a three-pronged test: syntax check, domain level check and inbox check. This is the best way of filtering out any bad emails and increasing your newsletter / email marketing success rate.

Please send me 1) around 100 keywords that I should use for scraping the search engines; 2) a list of filter keywords that you would like for your emails to contain and 3) let me know if you would like to scrape just company emails (i.e. email must match the domain name). I will run my email scraper and send you the results in a .txt file as soon as my email scraper finishes running.